Season of Frights


Season of Frights

When hopeless romantic Brett Oberon wishes that Emerald Lake loved him, his wish is granted, but not in the way he expected. A ghostly figure calling herself Miss Pinewood bewitches Emerald, convincing her to tie her life with Brett’s in a bond death cannot break. Emerald might say she loves Brett now, but she wants to claim him—through murder.

Aberdeen Oberon, adjusting to her own supernatural affliction, urges reluctant John Mazentius to rid Emerald of her curse before she can act on her impulse to kill Brett. After taking an immediate dislike to Aberdeen’s brother, John is disinclined to help, but he discovers a motive for getting close to Emerald. He wants to use her to find out what plans an old acquaintance has, one who’s had it out for John since the two parted ways over a decade earlier.

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