The Famulus

New ebook MG Volume 1

“When you’re a little bit of everything, there’s no one place you belong. I think that’s why it’s so important to me to be liked. I worry it’s the closest I’ll get to being loved.”

The Famulus

Immortal John Mazentius has seen enough of this world and wants nothing more than to pass on from his earthy life. Nine centuries ago, he made a desperate wish to bring his wife back from the dead. Kolunia, the twisted Queen of Halara, instead granted him immortality.

Traveling around the world to prevent Kolunia’s magic from taking hold in the lives of desperate people, John spends his time at the service of Tarchon, a sorcerer who rebelled against Kolunia. The only way Tarchon will allow John finally to die a natural death is for John to find a famulus, someone to train in the ways of his magic and take over his role as Agent of Tarchon. After the last famulus went crazy with the power, Tarchon has allowed John one final chance to find a successor.

Aberdeen Oberon lives a lonely, sheltered life, working at a bookstore and hoping in vain for her friendship with Gryphon Holmes to turn into a romance. More comfortable around books than she is around people, she has trouble knowing how to act around others as her social life doesn’t extend far beyond chance encounters with Gryphon at the bookstore and visits with her brothers, Halloween-obsessed Brett and bitter Edwin.

When John’s latest mission introduces him to Aberdeen, the two of them might both get what they want. Aberdeen is thrilled to have someone finally take an interest in her as John shows her the secret world of Halarian magic. John is ready to prey on Aberdeen’s need for belonging and acceptance to convince her to give up the safety of her ordinary life. After all, once he’s gone, it won’t matter to him that she’ll lose everyone she’s ever loved.

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